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DRIVEN Episode 1 and 2 were awesome and we have been waiting patiently for Episode 3. But now it's almost here and we all want to see it first. Now you have the chance to see it before everyone else!

In a collaboration with RCGP and the No Name RC Podcast we're launcing a contest where you can win a place at the closed prerelease screening. The contest start on June 17 and will go on until June 30.

Read the instructions on how to be a winner!

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2021-06-19 22:18 Image Keenan White
The DNC was full of surprises for many but one driver in particular stunned many with his 3rd place finish in nitro buggy. Tanner Denney shocked everyone in the first qualifier by finishing second and then going on to qualify second place overall, even out qualifying his mentor Ryan Maifield. Denney’s pace was amazing and his line choices unorthodox but the Arizona native left the DNC on a high note.

At PNB (9th) and SIlverState (8th) while top ten results the 25 year probably expected better but this is called racing not called winning. The Mugen Seiki driver has Adam Drake and Maifield on his team and that equals a plethora of support and knowledge to pull from. Maifield has been very influential in Denney’s career is it now time for the student to best the master next week at the Nationals? Will we see DNC Tanner show up and show the RC World that he is now a Jedi and shed his Padawan status?

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2021-06-16 20:36 Image Keenan White
This Tekno RC driver hails from the Land of 10000 Lakes, he burst onto the scene for most at the 2019 Nationals, but for those in Minnesota they have known about Seth “Freakin” VanDalen’s abilities since he was a wee lad. The VanDalen family are RC royalty in their region and rightfully so his father Sean is a long time racer and track owner, and Seth has been right there with him but now he is leading the charge and repping Minnesota.

2020 DNC Seth shocked the RC world by TQing the Pro Nitro Buggy race, this was no small feat as this race was stacked with some of the best drivers in the world. A win was not in the books for Seth but the world got to finally see what he can do. He would go on to finish second behind his teammate Jared Tebo at the 2020 PNB and Seth was on a roll, 2021 has had its ups and downs for the 20 year old. At DNC this year Seth would not be able to repeat his form of 2020 and leave there with a forgettable 13th. In a surprise move Seth would not attend the PNB, this was troubling as he did so well the previous year. There was much speculation about why Seth didn't attend PNB or other smaller races that his teammates were attending. This added fuel to the fire 🔥.

SilverState was next and the VanDalen’s would come prepared and snatch the pole position ahead of his teammates and other veteran racers. Seth would battle his way to what we believe was a career saving second place and show the world he was here to kick ass and take names.

The Tekno RC Team has the most stacked 8th scale lineup this year. With multiple young and veteran drivers that can win a race the competition is intense. There are younger guys on the team as well that are looking to advance as well. Seth like many others are all jockeying for position not only externally against their competitors but internally with so much talent on the roster.

Seth VanDalen has the skills, talent and abilities to be a National Champion. Will this race be Seths big breakout win and cement his position in the Tekno team and show the RC world that he can win too?

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2021-06-15 20:26 Image Conny Svensson
When this driver was born the RC Gods wept with happiness and decided to bestow this individual with copious amounts of talent to drive any RC Vehicle fast and utterly demolish any driver that tries to contend with him. If this was ancient Greece people would believe he was the son of Zeus with his incredible skills and ability when it comes to racing RC CARS. The veteran racer known as Ryan Maifield seems to have this aura about him that no matter which race, track or condition he will be victorious. If you are in the RC Racing scene and have not heard of Ryan Maifield please come from under the rock you are living under. The Arizona native has been shattering dreams since an early age and has become what is described as The Working Man’s Racer. Quiet and reserved at first glance don't get it Maifield has a seriousness about him that in itself is intimidating. If he is pissed off he will let you know, which makes it even more exciting to follow him at a race. Do not let the intimidating exterior deter you, Maifield like most pro drivers will help anyone and sit off and have a talk with you but when it's time to race it is time to get into Maifield Mode! The 34 year old father of 2 is the only 2 time winner this year in the NNRC Cup and in all the big Nitro races this year. At the DNC he was able to shake off bad qualifying and go on to dominate the weekend by sweeping all 3 pro classes for the second time. He would not attend PNB as the birth of his second child (congratulations) was due that same weekend. Silver State was next and while the sweep was not in the cards, he would walk away with the Pro nitro buggy win on a brutal SS track and as we know that Nitro Is The Glory. Maifield has 4 truggy National Championships and is tied with Ty Tessman. He has only won the buggy title once and that was back in 2006 with Thunder Tiger but here comes the twist…….. Maifield has not made a Nationals final since 2016 at Thornhill. He has had mechanical problems in all of his semi-finals that have prevented him from racing in the finals and winning. Some would call these flukes but as the old saying goes in order to finish first you must first finish. Ryan is probably the fastest driver in 8th scale at the moment his race package is top of the line and he will go down in history as one of if not the best ever. He comes into the 2021 ROAR Nationals as the the favorite to win and the person that wins this race will have to beat Maifield.
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2021-06-15 15:32 Image Keenan White
2021 has been relatively quiet for the tallest man in RC. After his surprise departure from Nemo Racing USA at the end of 2020. The 2 years had many ups and some downs for Ryan Lutz.

2019 was great with some big wins podiums for the veteran. Unfortunately 2020 would not have as many highs for the gentle giant and after a lackluster performance at the Montpellier GP, DNC and missing PNB many, myself included, were worried.

By the end of 2021 Lutz’s announced his departure from Nemo. Many speculated where Ohio native would end up. Once again he would leave the RC world flabbergasted by making the jump to unknown brand WRC🤯.

Not many had heard of this company prior to the move but this would put Lutz on the back foot going into 2021. With a new chassis, not much factory support and basically on his own to race, represent and help grow the brand, this was a momentous task even for Ryan.

Lutz would not attend the DNC and choose to focus more on the regional market and grow the brand. He would go on to attend PNB in April and leave there with a 13th after some issues in his race. Lutz would not attend SIlverState unfortunately. He would finish 3rd at the Nats warm up and heads into the Nats on a positive note.

Time waits for nobody and this is true for RC racers as well. Can the 36 year old father of 4 leave the RC world in shock and win the 2021 ROAR Nats with an unknown chassis and very limited resources to pull from to help with setup.

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2021-06-14 17:43 Image Keenan White
4 World Championships, 24 National Titles, 4x Reedy Race Champion, Neo Race Champion and multiple other big wins. When your resume looks like that it’s not hard to get the moniker The GOAT. The SoCal native has been winning since the Dead Sea started getting sick. Ryan Cavalieri was born to do one thing better than most and that is racing rc cars and winning. Aptly nicknamed Pudge in his younger years Cav is no longer pudgy but at the age of 35 he is still considered one of the best in the world and a threat at any race.

The last few years of Cav’s career have been tumultuous after leaving long-time chassis sponsor AE for SWORKz/Yokomo at the end of 2018. This didn’t stop Cav, seeing victory in 2020 with SWORKz but decided to move back to where it all started for him at TLR. Cav went into 2021 with one of the biggest chassis and tire teams in the industry TLR and Proline and his transition has been productive. While the Californian has not tasted victory yet this year he has shown once again that it’s only a matter of time by adapting quickly to his new rides the top step is not faraway.

The DNC would see Cav beating his TLR teammate (Phend) with a 6th place finish. At PNB Cav would battle it out for a 3rd place in a race he probably should have won. SIlverState would be his worst finish with a lonely 12th place finish. Often misunderstood by people with his passion and aloofness. Make no mistake Cav wants to win and will do what it takes to win hence why his resume is so decorated.

The GOAT won his first 1/8th title in 2005 with Kyosho then again in 2011 with Team Associated. Can he bring TLR their first 1/8th title since Adam Drake last did it for them in 2013? The signs all point to yes but we won’t know until this upcoming weekend.


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